Tuesday, 10 January 2012

On being a cool kite surfing babe (Not....)

Kites...it's like riding a bike
As the winds set in on Matemwe the kite surfers came out.  Chichi Simanzi is an amazing kite surfer and I watched him zipping about and jumping waves joyfully.  I  heard that an English man Tom had set up a company www.zanzikite.com with Chichi and they were establishing a kite surfing school in Matemwe whilst Tom was developing some luxurious Bandas around the Surf school.

Chichi offered me a taster lesson which I gladly took up and I spent a happy hour playing with the trainer kite thinking this is easy; having sailing experience was a big help with handling the kite.  I so loved it that I organised a proper 2 hour lesson the next day where I graduated to bigger kites which I handled with ease...(get me).  I fell for the age-old line "you are very talented" and decided, against better judgement, to fit in a 2 hour lesson on 1st January after a New Years eve celebration party at 8am when we had to leave the resort at 10.30am!  Typical Baron packing it all in according to Aaron.

Ah look no hands!!!

So starters ready...
Anyhow I was very excited to finally be with the kite in the water.  The first part of body dragging which involved lying down in the water and letting the kite drag me to and fro was fine.  It then went rapidly down hill when I tried water starting on the board. 

And they're off...

See just like riding a bike!
Oh dear not so talented I fear.  I had stupidly asked Aaron to come down and photograph his wife competently zipping about the water.  As you can see this was not quite to be.  I spent much time being dragged through fields of sea urchins and Aaron had to pull at least 6 spines out of my feet on my return to Moshi as they had gone through my shoes! 

Those of you that know about my cycling exploits training for the London to Brighton will understand the bike link. 

Those of you that don't...well I'm sure you get the picture.

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