Tuesday, 10 January 2012

On the Spice Farm trip (1st January 2012) by Zac HT

Don't mess with us!
In the Spice Farm we saw and tasted many very peculiar spices and fruits.  In Africa there is this strange fruit called the Jack fruit which tastes sweet and slimey but I did not like it (but Mummy did or perhaps she was just very hungry).
Foraging for Jack fruit

 There is a type of spice that is used for lipstick and war paint and the plant looks like red balls with green little spikes and blue dots on the top of them.  When you break them open there are little seeds that are red that you crush and can then use for lipstick and warpaint.  

I don't know why Mummy has to buy lipstick!
There is this other weird seed that is brown and has little red lines all over it and this is a nutmeg seed. 
so this is where bananas come from

A man called Ali Baba (not sure this is his real name) made us amazing things made out of coconut leaves.   First he made us a tie, then he made us a ring and then a watch and sunglasses and a basket that we could put all of our spices in and one more thing that was a cool frog.  Last of all a lovely weird hat which we have worn all the way back to Kilimanjaro.  

I know you wish you could have some of these....

There was a man that climbed to the top of the top of a very high coconut tree with rope around his legs.  His name was James Bond (we think!) and we drank the coconut drink from the coconuts which was yummy.

James Bond is very good at climbing trees

I know we look really cool....

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