Tuesday, 10 April 2012

On happiness, harmony and holidays

On the boat trip by Josh HT

At Fish Eagle Point we went out on a boat trip with our friends Luke and Josh. The boat was big and made of wood and had a big white sail but also a motor. The men on the boat helped us fish and showed us around the good snorkeling points. At a sand bank where we caught lots of fish and we used a hand-line and we put bits of squid onto the hooks and they called it calamari. We caught a parrot fish and a orange fish that had a very spikey fin and I was the first one to catch it. My Dad caught a very long grey and blue fish (Daddy says it is called a trumpet fish). We put the fish into a bucket but we threw the parrot fish back into the water because it was a mummy parrot fish. The mummy parrot fish would have died very quickly and it needs to protect its babies. We caught a yellow fat fish with blue stripes on it. We should have thrown all the fish back but the naughty men on the boat didn’t because they wanted to eat the fish. Then the owner of Fish Eagle Point called Steve told them off. One had his head down whilst Steve was talking to the other so the other one poked his head up and he was going to run away. Then Steve caught him and told him off again!
There is a swimming pool and it has lots of chlorine in it so you can stay in it for a short time or your eyes will be stingy.
For breakfast there was yoghurt and I ate 5 pots of yoghurt and then I threw up in the toilets and then I played in the pool with my friends called Josh and Luke.
On the beach there were big red army crabs and they had ginormous claws and they had orange big round eyes on big fat stalks. We picked up hermit crabs that were very small and they hide in shells so we had to scare them so they went in their shells and then we could pick them up and put them in our t-shirts and scare Mummy with them coming out showing Mummy their claws. Then Mummy screamed!!

On Stranger Tides by Zac HT

When we got to Fish Eagle Point we were very tired and then after lunch we went for a walk around the rock pools. It was very beautiful and we played on the house built at the end of the jetty. When we were walking along the beach we saw gigantic red fiery crabs scuttling along the sand. A few days later we went out snorkeling and I saw the biggest fish which was called a lion fish. It had long sticky out white and black fins that looked like they had been burnt in a fire and it looked like a big zebra fish but with seaweed fins.
Then I went out kayaking with my daddy and my daddy tipped over the boat so I fell out. Luckily I had my goggles on and then he made an anchor attaching the kiyak to a rope attached to the bottom of the sea. Then I went swimming under the water and saw a lot of colourful fish and another trumpet fish who was swimming on top of a big rock. My favourite fish that I saw was the lion fish and I saw 2 whilst I was swimming.
Another cappacino please.....

Have you seen my eggs?

The fisherman at Pangani
After 5 nights at Fish Eagle Point we drove to another beach called Pangani where we had to take a ferry across the river to get to Beach Crab Hotel. At Beach Crab we found a pirate look out point where Josh and I played in and used the alcoholic bottle lids as treasure. Our favourite was the elephant tusker tops. My Mummy went riding along the beach with a Spanish man called Carlos. He was very funny and we went riding in the sea with the horses called Swallow and Mephisto. The sea came up to the horses tummies and then I jumped off without my goggles on so I got some water in my eyes. I really enjoyed it because now I know how to ride a horse in the sea and the horses really enjoyed it too.

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  1. Wow, sounds like you guys had a great time! Keep writing because i think you both are very talented!

    Kind Regards

    Simon Attwell
    (Son of Steve)