Sunday, 27 November 2011

On being an intrepid bug catcher and drawer by Zac Husdon-Tyreman aged 7

I do like Africa because you can see lots of interesting bugs and animals.  This week I have seen lots of lizards but the ones with the orange heads are very poisonous.  Today I caught a green grasshopper and a stick bug and a red, orange, blue and black butterfly.  They have funny types of money with elephants and different types of animals on the notes which I steal out of Daddy and Mummy’s wallet so I can buy stuff.
The Coca Cola is very famous all over Tanzania – Daddy says it is because they have the cartel but I don’t really understand what that means.  My school is very nice and it has a lot of coloured uniforms and a gigantic swimming pool.  Yesterday we went to this very nice artists’ place that had wooden lions and wooden necklaces and beautiful paintings of Africa and lots of wooden elephants.  Don’t worry Lennon I will get you one. 
I miss you all very much and that’s all…..

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