Sunday, 27 November 2011

On why giraffes have very long necks by Josh Hudson-Tyreman aged 6

When the first meteors hit the earth that’s when all the dinosaurs became extinct and giraffes used to have very short necks and trees were very short then.  When the meteor hit the earth the giraffes stretched their necks so their necks wouldn’t catch on fire. 
At first I was very shy but then I made some friends.  Before play time one of my friends asked me if I wanted to try a new game with him called Love Love.  In this game first someone is it then they chase other people and try to it them and you climb onto the climbing frame. (I have just established that it is Lava Lava as you can’t touch the ground as it is hot this is Mummy speaking).  But now it is called Love Love…… as you can have a girl and boy cos they both love each other.
I like swimming in the swimming pool and eating dinner in the dining room.
My Mummy bought me an elephant called Mooks he is yellow, blue and orange and sometimes at night Gorillian (the gorilla) plays with him by throwing him up in the air.  He is a flying elephant
And that’s all really….

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