Wednesday, 7 December 2011

On Schools Day's and whats missing in our life!

Mummy said we needed to think about our school here and whats different. The first thing thats different is that it doesn't rain a lot! We are not that happy about the fact that school starts at 7:15am which means having to get up at 6am to get ready. Daddy said we always woke up a 6am at home anyway just to be annoying, but it is still a lot rubbish. 

School T's are different
We have to walk to school and mummy says it only takes two minuets, but as you can see in this blog two minuets is never two minuets in Africa. We walk along a dusty and very bumpy track through the compound but the school is then only over the road.  

We don't play outside in the playground in the morning, but have to go straight into class. In our classrooms we have children from all over the world, such as Holland, Germany, America, Japan, China, Sweden, and some from the Middle East. 

We do key Swahili lessons, we are not sure when we will use this back in the UK, but if there are any African children at Wickhambreaux when we get back we will be able to speak to them a little. Although we have all decided that learning Swahili is a bit TAKA TAKA (rubbish).

There is a really big swimming pool here and we have lots of swimming lessons. None of us really like the swimming teacher as he is a bit cruel and expects everyone to be able to do lots of lengths even though the pool is at least a mile long!

How Josh gets to School
Although School starts early it finishes at 1pm which is cool. There are lots of after school clubs including swimming, football, pottery, cooking and arts & crafts. 

We have lots of homework, in fact we have way too much homework which gets in the way of playtime. Mummy and Daddy think homework is a good thing but they don't have to do any even though they say they have stuff to do on the computer. I think mummy just spends lots of time writing emails to her friends now daddy says she can't buy lots of stuff on-line! 

The other lessons we have are a lot like in England but without our best friends around. We have made lots of friends but they are not the same as our best friends in England. We have both agreed we miss our school and especially our friends but this is quite a good adventure to be having. 

We are enjoying our adventure and will be going on a safari soon which we will write about afterwards.

Bye for now 

Zach & Josh

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