Tuesday, 27 December 2011

On the Zanzibar holiday by Zac HT

Cousteau I presume..
When we first arrived at Zanzibar I took a look at the sea and it was brown and murky and when we looked at the sand it was white so we called it White Cap Bay.  On the first day we found a little hideout that was pretty cool and met a boy from Finland who played lots of draughts with me and I always won.  On Christmas Eve we went on a snorkelling safari trip and we thought we were going to see dolphins.  I was very good at snorkelling and really enjoyed it but in the end I was disappointed as we did not see any dolphins.  Then after the snorkelling trip we went to a new hotel called Panga Chumi and on the first day it was Christmas and if you look in Mummy's blog you will see our sand card.

Today I snorkelled and went in a big pink canoe with Mummy and Daddy.  We rode the waves back to the shore.  We found lots of jelly fish because everywhere we looked there were jelly fish and millions of sea urchins.  When i was snorkelling I saw 26 zebra fish who are black and white and a small mini killer whale fish and some little fish homes in the coral.
In the hot mangrove swamp 

The 2.45 to Paddington is running late due to water on the line

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