Friday, 16 December 2011

On snakes and trolls, kids in wolf's clothing...& blo*dy Mosquitos!

Last night the Moshi mazunga glitterati were out in force for the premier of 'Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?' Presented by the primary years programme of International School Moshi. 

Just the 2 of us, we can make it if we try, just the 2 of us
The red carpet walk competed for glamour with any of the big European opening nights. Spot light was on this years must see item, a pair of non authentic crocs worn with ill fitting cut off trousers surrounding the requisite middle aged spread of the ex-pat. Open neck shirts of varying shades of loud for the men were accompanied by the who had more pockets on the trousers look of early 2000. Different combinations of pseudo-ethnic garb lent the evening an authentic East Africa touch, spoilt only by the locals looking more western than the advancing white tribes!

Zac and Josh, although though not playing the lead roles were happy to be both Troll King and Crocodile respectively. One assumes Josh wasn't given a speaking part as they play only lasted 45mins. To the boys' credit they did play their parts very well and have both been very excited about dressing up and painting their faces all week. Clearly a life of drag awaits or as yet undecided. All the children played their parts with gusto and their was even an unscripted prat fall from the child playing grandma. Having shown the audience his karate kick at the wrong time he then kicked

Oh but please let me TALK
So I'm like thinking more method in
a Brandoesque kinda way ya?
again but added the requisite arse landing to the merriment of all those concerned. When Goldilocks (clearly little red riding hoods understudy) had finished laughing the play came to its natural end and the audience roared and cheered. It was a great production much in the same vain as Wickhambreaux CofE the boys UK alma mater, Zac and Josh thoroughly enjoyed it with both receiving a rose which was duly dispatched to mummy.

The evening was finished with the grownups popping out for a spot of supper at Michael's the  Dutch consultant down in the Dermatology compound. Goat and Banana stew...which is different, was the evenings delicacy. The guests were all very interesting and again all had vast and varied experiences of Africa. Michael began as a leprosy specialist in Uganda having arrived under one regime to find Mugabe wresting control (you'll remember him...nice chap in that film with the pleasant young Scottish Actor).  His sister is a retired HIV specialist nurse from Amsterdam and has huge experience of HIV herself.

The other guest of note is the interminable mosquito. I would like to say that I am making an impact upon their population with my extermination tactics. Alas like all irritations their persistence knows no bounds and at this rate transfusions may be necessary simple to maintain vital organs!   AHT

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